Sunday, December 13, 2009


Quinn's old cons finally fit Hendrix. He looked pretty cute in them today :) (his shoes....)

Quinn standing in front of the loot we got in the mail from grandma and grandpa stevens and her aunt Julie.

her hair nicely trimmed up for Christmas

daddy and quinn-o

mommy and hendrix


Mom said...

Hi Amber! Hendrix looks so cute with his hair all funky and his cons on. Your tree is SO cute with the lime green and silver (and ribbon). Quinn is smiling so cute in front of the tree. I love her hair and pretty dress and shoes all dressed up for church. Your hair looks so gorgeous (are you sure you want to cut it?) It will look cute either way. Did I leave Dave out? He looks handsome too! I love you guys! Great post.

April said...

I love your new tree!!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Her hair is super cute and I love the converse shoes!!

kelsey said...

cute pictures. i love quinn's hair, if she weren't so tiny, it looks just like yours when it was short! i was going to say also, that your hair looks so pretty all curly and whatnot... but i still say cut it. . . hehehe. i'm the devil, i know.