Monday, December 14, 2009


the kids crawling around together

hendrix LOVES to stand up by anything. one of his favorite spots is on the kitchen chairs. (that happens to be my least favorite spot. not fun to hear him thunk on the tile when he falls)

a picture of him in a bull dog Christmas shirt. he's cool enough to pull of being festive, don't you think?


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Super cute pictures!!
So the other day my friend's daughter (about Hendrix's age) was standing on the kitchen chair. Mom told her to get down many, many times but she thought it was funny to get as close to the edge of the chair as she could. SO... finally, mom said "fine go ahead." Little baby jumped off and face planted and totally cut her lip open. SAD!! Huh? I guess sometimes they just need to fall a few times to learn the lesson Ü
Of course my friend felt AWFUL, but she's pretty sure that her baby won't be standing on the chairs anymore Ü

Mom said...

Yes, he's definitly cool enough to be festive. Yeah- it's scary when they fall on those hard surfaces. What a cute boy.