Thursday, December 17, 2009

nothing better

nothing better than the joy of riding a bike with a silly two-year-old on the back

see??? how cute is that? drool and all

I made Q this back pack. i LOVE how it turned out. probably one of my favorite things i've EVER made. i used THIS TUTORIAL.

pictures just don't do it justice. make one!!! it was easy and fun

the front pocket was my idea :)


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

These pics are sooo cute! Love the backpack (wish I had just some of your talent :)

cc said...

That backpack is SO cute! And so are the kiddos!

I can't wait to see your short hair. I'm getting mine done today too, but I'm sure the results won't be nearly as spectacular.

Mom said...

That really is a cute little backpack! Did you put something exciting in the pocket? Cute of the kids having fun on the bike.

Kourtni said...

Your kids are ADORABLE!!! And I LOVE the backpack--I just might have to make one of those!

p.s. I can't wait to see your hair :)