Monday, December 14, 2009


I have been letting Quinn wear whatever she wants after her bath... hoping it will get the craziness out of her system, so she won't fight me on what I pick out for her in the morning. Here is an example of what she chooses to put on:

Also--she has started using some really funny adjectives lately. Here's a couple examples:
handing me a pretzel hendrix sucked on
" will you throw this away, it's nasty."

Sitting together at the kitchen table eating a snack
"mom, your face looks kind of yucky."
(I still have no idea why she told me I looked yucky. I tried to ask her why... she had no response other than to repeat herself. I prompty ran to the bathroom to see if I had food on my face... unfortunately I didn't. So I put on some more make-up. When I returned I asked her if I looked better and she said I did. great... my two-year-old is going to give me a complex)

and the plastic bag holder I made tonight. I've wanted one of these for a long time and have never made one. I actually made two, but I didn't take a picture of both... you get the idea :) and yes, it's looks Christmas-y but that is totally coincidental.

I used THIS tutorial... but don't look at it because hers is much cuter.


Mom said...

Interesting outfit. She may start some new fashion trends. Nice plastic bag holder. It's way cuter than mine ( I got mine at a craft show).

Anonymous said...

Ha. I love that you ran to the bathroom to check. I need a plastic bag holder. . . add it to the list!!!