Wednesday, August 01, 2012

4 month anniversary

Yes folks, we have been here in Texas for FOUR MONTHS! Here's what I think so far:

- It's awesome. Where has this place been my whole life?

- It's hot. But to be perfectly honest, it hasn't been that bad so far. Will it get that bad? Maybe.

- Pools are awesome. We didn't do much swimming in Idaho, so it's been quite a change to what we are doing now. It's been great to swim almost every day. In Texas, you go to the park all winter, not in the summer. In the summer you go to the pool. My neighborhood has 2 pools, and they are both great and super close. We are lucky.

- Fire ants suck. Right after we moved I stood on an ant mound and got lots of bites. Since then, Quinn has been attacked and got a handful of bites on her feet, Hendrix has gotten a few bites, and I've gotten a few more. They hurt.

- We love our house. Not only that, we are enjoying having tile floors in the house- which if you remember, was the one thing we didn't like about this house when we were thinking to rent it. After learning the area a little more, we are seeing that we lucked out with choosing this neighborhood and general area.

- Rocket (Dave's company) is doing awesome. Dave is super happy and the company is growing. Lucky.

- The food here is AWESOME. Dave and I have been trying lots of great new restaurants on our quest to go on more dates. And holy cow-- some of the best food I've ever eaten I've eaten in the last few months.

- Far from Costco. Everything is super close to my house- pools, parks, Target, IKEA, outlet malls. Except for Costco. Which stinks- because I love Costco. It's not FAR, just not super close.

- Overall, it's been awesome here. I can see why people have so much Texas pride. It's weird to think that we've been here for 4 months. Sometimes it seems like we've already been here forever, other times  it's like we just left.
If any one wants to come over, I'll take you out for some yummy food :)


Shane and Amy Jo said...

I'm so glad this move has been so positive. Maybe we need to move there too!!! I love that you keep up on your blog so well so that I feel like I'm still apart of your life.

kelsey said...

I want to come. I told Jake we should try this fall. But then I remembered we'd be moving and stuff . . . but I still want to! Sounds amazing. And it wouldn't be as hot in the fall . . . right? Right?

Mom said...

Hmmm... Maybe Dad and I will move there. Sounds pretty amazing.