Thursday, July 04, 2013

Movies, Gun Lake, Girl's night, and Running

I'm going to start combining a lot of my trip pictures, otherwise I'll never get through them!!

 We took the big kids to see Epic in the movie theater. (Julie watched Veda for me). They haven't been to the movies much because they are pretty sensitive to things that are kinda scary. We watched the preview and I thought it would be okay... but after 10 minutes the 'bad guys' showed up and Hendrix wanted to go home. So Quinn stayed with my parents (and ended up liking the movie actually), and Hendrix and I left. It was worth a try. He stayed just long enough to giggle through the previews and eat some popcorn.
 We spent an afternoon at Gun Lake. The water was even warm enough to get in! We had a great time playing in the sand and swimming.

 (and eating watermelon)
 My dad played frisbee with the kids
 Afterwards we went to McDonalds. And the kids each got their own Happy Meal (that doesn't ever happen at home). They were in heaven.
 Another park we visited:

 And after the park we went out for donuts. Because we love donuts.
 My mom and I had a night out together to shop (thanks dad for babysitting!)
My mom and I went out for frozen yogurt (my mom doesn't eat sugar or dairy anymore, so our usual cheesecake factory was out. She broke her rule and had some sugar, but at least she could get some sorbet without dairy) :)
A picture from the long run (8 miles) that my dad and I did one morning.
And a picture of the track from another run we did. This is at my high school (although this track was not there when I was in high school)

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Mom said...

Great blog post. It reminds of all the fun we had. Come back!!