Sunday, July 14, 2013

ward 5k and Triathlon

We have quite possibly the world's best ward. (seriously... it's a really great ward). There was a ward triathlon and 5k run yesterday. It was SO FUN! 

I had a lucky day and won the 5k race (There was only 8 of us... and I'm pretty sure they let me win)
 Dave also did really well. There are some pretty awesome athletes in our ward (a guy who just did an IRONMAN, and another who just ran a marathon). Anyway-- great athletes-- Dave included. I'm pretty proud of him.
About a week before the race I found out it was only me and my friend Allisa signed up for the 5k. So I gave it my best effort to recruit some more runners. I encouraged them by telling them that I would give 1st and 2nd place runners a kiss. Here I am paying up to 2nd place.
There was also a kids triathlon. When the kids were all getting ready Hendrix kept saying he wanted to do it. He can't swim a lap in the pool and didn't have his bike, but I told him he could do the running part. He was super excited!! He was darling... I ran with him (we even held hands for a minute). Everyone was cheering him on-- and he politely said "Thank you!" to everyone we passed. And he ran the WHOLE way!! Thadda boy!!

 I'm so glad so many of my friends decided to do the race. And I can't wait until next year :)

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Mom said...

Congratulations champion! Hooray for Hendrix too!