Tuesday, July 02, 2013

cascade park and cone city

I have a really great childhood friend who happened to be in Michigan at the same time as me! So we met at the park with our kids (and my mom) :)
It was a beautiful perfect day
 Here's me and Katie

 Veda throwing a bit of a fit when it was time to go. She was determined to sit on the floor on the way home. (Like that's something that we do?!!)

 After convincing her to get in her car seat, my mom and the kids and I went to have lunch at Culvers. After another tantrum from my 2 year old... my mom insisted I just go buy her a chocolate milk (as if giving in to my kid's tantrums is something we do??!!) Then she spilled the chocolate milk all over her white skirt.
 Later after dinner we went to Cone City. Another favorite ice cream shop of my childhood.
 nope- my kids weren't spoiled at all when we were there :)
 Me neither, obviously. My dad bought me some new running shoes!!! Altras. He has a pair too-- it was only right for us to match on our daily morning runs.
 "Everyone make a silly face!!!" (notice that Willow listened!)


Mom said...

I'm gonna have to get back at you for that last silly picture somehow! Good memories. You sure got a lot of cute pictures while you were here.

barlow.stephanie said...

I love reunions. :)