Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Grand Rapids Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum in Grand Rapids. It is an AWESOME museum. When I asked all the kids what their favorite part was -- they ALL said the bubbles
 Quinn making a huge bubble
 making music

 giant lite brite

 They had the cutest little mini potty ever.  Seriously. It was cute.

 yellow bike
 have I mentioned how incredibly cute baby Willow was?? (Veda says "baby Wiyyow. Which may have been the cutest two words uttered from a mouth ever)
 That night we had a little get together with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle from my mom's side. We had fun playing outside and eating dessert (and what's better than that?)
 My awesome Aunt Diane
 Veda loves you this much!

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Mom said...

That pic of Veda on the mini potty is especially cute! I like how Veda seems to like the non-toys like the tennis frame and covers! What great memories!