Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Reed's Lake

On the Sunday we were in Michigan, we took a walk around Reed's Lake. It is a beautiful little spot in East Grand Rapids. It's more of a boating lake (not really a beach). They have a great little grassy park that we hung out on with the kids. (We were going to walk around more of the lake, but it turns out my kids are wussy walkers. After walking for 10 minutes they were thirsty and tired and sick of walking. Plus my sister's newborn was crying pretty good at that point.) So we decided to just hang out on the grass and play and eat a snack. It was a perfect afternoon.

 We had an awesome game of "Duck Duck Goose." My kids don't care for the rules. They pretty much all get up and run when someone says "Goose!"

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Mom said...

That was fun playing duck duck goose. It was a fun time and beautiful day.