Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rainy Week

It has been a rainy week! Good thing Hendrix still has some winter boots from when we lived in Idaho.
During a break from the rain we played outside

 Run Veda run!
 Then we were going to go swimming but it started raining. Boo.
 But it stopped!! So we went to the pool really quick
 But.... the rain started again (Good thing we didn't move to Portland huh? Three rainy days in a row drive me crazy!)
 We had fun hanging out in the pavilion eating snacks with friends and watching the rain (maybe not Quinn- she hates storms.)


Cami and Juan said...

You are such a pool junkie! I love that picture of Hendrix looking back at the empty pool.

kelsey said...

I'm glad that you at least take full advantage of living there. If you just stayed in your house all the time and didn't go outside I would be mad at you. But I can live through your endless pictures of swimming pools and parks and sunny days!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

you're a good mom to take your kids to the pool so much! that looks like a lot of work!!

Mom said...

I love how you just make the best of things! Weve been having some rainy days too.