Friday, July 05, 2013

Frederick Meyer Gardens

We spent a morning at Frederick Meijer Gardens. They have a lot of stuff that is for kids, but what surprised me was how much my kids liked the other stuff too! They loved walking through all the gardens and seeing the plants. 
 This statue was called "mad mom" (or something like that??) I love how Quinn is making a mean face.
 Then we got to the kid's part...
 water to splash in...
 boats to play with
 (the water is all shaped like the great lakes)
 My best friend from high school came and saw us while we were there. It had been a LONG time since I've seen her.

 Making music

 "Hold me hand!"
 "Eye see you!"
"smell ya later!"

It was a really fun day. We almost didn't go to the gardens this year, but I am so glad we did! Hopefully it was a great memory for my kids! 

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Mom said...

That was a perfectly wonderful day. A great memory for all of us!!