Tuesday, February 03, 2009

first of all, I just have to tell you that my mom had a great idea that I not take quinn's picture for a MONTH. (just to see if she would warm up to the camera if I wasn't taking her picture EVERY day). but here I am...still posting pictures of Quinn :)
This first picture shows what a GREAT thing happened today--Quinn learned to make a pile of books that she's read. See that pile of her nightstand???

There is usually a huge mess of books of the floor by her chair. She had fun making the piles today and would even tell me when the pile was too big so I could put them away. Hopefully she keeps this up...so much of my life is putting away books--this made it much easier. oh--and no pants....Grandma and Grandpa Stevens sent her a cute Valentine's day outfit....but she refused the pants. I don't know if it was just because she didn't want to wear pants, or because it wasn't a skirt. I'll try again next time she wears the shirt.

I hope Dave's cousin Nicole doesn't frequent my blog...because here are some pictures of her gift I made.

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Mom said...

Next time I'll buy her a skirt. Your baby creations are cute as always you creative genius!