Monday, February 02, 2009

Just a phase?

Quinn not only scrunched her nose, but did this when I got out the camera yesterday....and said 'no pictures.'

And here was my attempt this morning...

Caught one cute one--oh how I love my sweet girl!

Then she realized I caught her and went back to this face..

I haven't purchased all that much for the new baby, but here is one that I couldn't pass up. How cute are these shoes??? Can't wait until he's a year and a half old and can wear them :) Actually--what I really can't wait for is 8 weeks from now when he's out of my belly!!


Scott & Katie said...

Amber, Quinn looks SOO much like you....(and Dave too), but mostly you! She is so dang cute. Also- EIGHT weeks?!? I can't believe it! (Why does it always seem like everyone else's pregnancies go so fast?) That also means that in eight weeks our 'babies' turn 2! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday that we were annoying everyone with our squeaky cot at girl's camp and now here we are with kids! life is good

Fullmer said...

Dont worry it is a phase! Ty did the SAME EXACT thing to a T...With the nose and then hiding from pictures.. but she now fell in love with taking them again! So no worries! hahaha

Mom said...

You'll look back on this phase and laugh!!!