Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 Goals

I am usually really bad at making "new years resolutions." But, I am a firm believer that if you write something down you are more likely to accomplish it.
So here are some of my ambitions for the year.

Have a more organized home. Hopefully moving will help. It's so nice to get rid of stuff!! If you need anything-- come over. 
Start doing yoga. It's something I've always wanted to do, but have never really put any effort into it. I'm really inflexible. And quite uncoordinated. I'm totally envious of people who can do yoga. And it might help with my other goal of losing 10 pounds. More than the pounds-- I just want my stomach to look good. Even when I'm not sucking in or wearing something baggy.
 Sell our house. And take a picture like this.
Have no major dental work done. This is a lofty goal. Pretty sure I need a crown on one of my fillings that I just got done that still hurts. It doesn't hurt to dream :)
Throw Veda a big first birthday party. Along with this goal-- encourage Veda to nurse as long as possible. I have absolutely no ambitions to wean her. When she's two and a half and still nursing, pat me on the back and say good job. :) okay, okay... not that long. But if her birthday party looks anything like this-- you can pat me on the back. 
Potty train this little man. I'm not in a major rush. I'll wait until he's three. And we've moved. But hopefully before it's 2013 Hendrix will no longer be leaving majorly nasty poops in his diaper for me to wipe up.
Another goal I have is to be more fashionable. I have no real ideas of how to accomplish this though. (other than coming into a lot of money and going on a shopping spree).

Move to Austin and make a friend. Like a really good friend. And also help these three kiddos make some friends too.

I have a few more goals that I won't share since they are 'private' :)
Anyone have anything else I should add to my list?


Dave said...

Just a few more things:

1) make Dave some delicious cinnamon rolls
2) stop making things that make Dave fat
3) keep looking as cute as you always do
4) there is no number four

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

oooh! those are great goals! this year, i want to be better at preparing new dinners for our family! it seems like i always just cycle through the same 10 or 11 recipes. super boring!
oh man, i'm going to miss you so much when you go to austin! but i know you'll make a GOOD friend fast there! because you're just so awesome! love you lots! XO

kelsey said...

I just laughed really really hard at Dave's additions.

Firstly, I'm not kidding you this 30 day shred stuff will give you some ABS. And it's only 20 minutes a day. Really, this is not a joke. I would show you a picture, but that would be awkward. . . yoga is really good too, but I've never seen results so quickly as I have with this.

If Veda's party looks like that I am hiring you.

I don't live in Austin so I'm not sure how your "really good friend" will show up. . . but I guess I could work on it for you.

You always look cute. I don't know how to be fashionable, so I just don't really try. That way, I'm at least comfortable and don't feel weird in my clothes. I do own some skinny jeans though. . . does that count? Give me pointers when you figure it all out.

Mom said...

That is a really good list. If I share some of my thoughts by writing them down right here maybe I'll be more likely to accomplish something;
1)Increase in faith and personal worthiness.
2)Go back on Weight Watchers and actually record all of my food.
3)Exercise at least 3X/week.
4)make dinner more so we don't eat out so much.
5)use up my leftovers better to reduce grocery money waste.
6)Go to the temple more.
7) Find out from Kelsey what "30 day shred" is.

valerie said...

Aw you are the cutest!
Don't be offering your stuff to just anyone until I come steal it all! :) not the way.
Im sure you have lots of treasures that I would love. hehe

Yoga is horrible. I loathe yoga. I did it about 4 times on p90 and I would get so mad at it! Not my idea of a good time :) but have at my friend...... I have stated the 30 day shred and it kicked my butt! Jillian is hard core. If you are good at doing workouts at home you will like it.

I'm sure happy that you love to almost everyday....cause you are a pure joy to sneek in on :) you make me smile. alot.

and your hubs is totally awesome, I don't actually know him all that much, but honestly he is hilarious and I love that he is so darn sweet to you!

when you sell your house you have to take a pic like that....classic. I will laugh lots cause its so cheesy but cute at the same time.

um....this is a long comment.

You go girlie. Way to make some awesome goals!!!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

See your old friends Christy & Jason in 2012 before you leave for Austin :-(