Tuesday, January 03, 2012

three things

Three things that my kids do right now that I love.

I love how when Hendrix says "Yellow," It starts AND ends with an "L."


I love how when Quinn says "Girl," it sounds like "Ghoul." So every time she says something like:
"Hey mom! Let's have a GHOULS night!"
"Look mom-- all the GHOULS are wearing green today!"
"How about just the GHOULS go to the store?"
 I can't help but chuckle a little bit.

I love how when Veda is even CLOSE to Dave she about leaps out of my arms to have him hold her. Doesn't matter if he is asleep or brushing his teeth or even looking at her. She literally uses all of her strength to get to him.

(an oldie but goodie of Quinn since it's close to impossible to get all three of my kids in a picture together.)


Dave said...

good post dude. all those things are my favorite things too.

just curious: any of you GHOULS wearing Lyellow today?

i even like it sometimes when Vede's won't sleep and i get to cuddle her more. i'm surrounded by too much cuteness on a pretty regular basis.

Mom said...

Us ghouls can be scarey! I wonder if Quinn ate the Cheerio under the computer table? I love how you document the cute little things that I miss, being too far away. I'm jealous that Dave is surrounded by all that cuteness all the time.

kelsey said...

Will you make another baby Quinn and give her to me? Thanks.