Monday, January 30, 2012


Hendrix is awesome. I sure love my little man. Here's what he's been up to lately:
This little boy got his mommy's sweet tooth. He LOVES treats. Quinn can be choosey with what kind of treats she likes-- not Hendrix. He loves them all. Me too :)
 He laughs. A lot. It's the best.
He is silly. He loves to make up jokes or stories. They rarely make any sense, yet are always funny.
He is sweet. The other night I was nursing Veda before bed (and the kids usually don't come in her room since they know better). Yet he runs in-- pretending to be sneaky about it. And said: "I forgot to tell lou someting. I-love-lou-so-much." And runs out.
He loves ROCKING BANDS. He loves to play "rocking guitar," and many things become his pretend guitar-- stuffed animals, a spatula, his belly. And he sings LOUDLY (often upsetting Quinn-- and often rarely stopping all day).
He is stinking cute and has the most darling face and cheeks and eyelashes. When I asked him what song to sing him before bed tonight, he whispers "the Jesus song."
I am lucky to have him.


Mom said...

I agree! He IS so sweet and funny and cute and has those big cheeks to kiss. Can't wait to see him. (2 1/2 weeks. But who's counting?)

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Love him :-)