Sunday, January 08, 2012

mooshy belly bunnies

Veda was so funny while eating dinner last night. Dave was finishing up feeding her and she kept opening her mouth REALLY wide. She never does that when I feed her... it was so cute. I think Dave doesn't shovel it in as fast as I do so she would wait with her mouth all ready. :)

I made Quinn and Veda these "Mooshy Belly Bunnies." Tutorial was found HERE. They were super easy-- although I obviously haven't done their faces yet. They were both snatched from me and I haven't gotten them back to finish them. The girls don't seem to mind that they are faceless. And I'll admit-- the name "Mooshy Belly Bunny" is pretty cute too.

Dave went for a run yesterday and after he got home the kids couldn't help but join in the stretches. Even Veda.


Mom said...

Look at that baby growing up and eating food in the high chair. Love those mooshy belly bunnies. Cute name for them too. Good to teach the importance of exercise and stretching. Might as well start that young.

Lindsay said...

the picture of Dave and the kids stretching is so dang cute. i love how little veda got in on the action.