Thursday, January 19, 2012


We got some snow yesterday. The kiddos were thrilled. 
 Dave can make a pretty awesome snowman too.
 Veda wasn't really outside for long. Her and I just came out to take a picture. She looked like a cute pink marshmallow.
 Warming up.

I'm glad the kids had fun.
And I'm glad that Dave can just work from home when it's crazy outside.
And I'm glad that we're moving to a place that doesn't snow. :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cute snowman! you put ours to shame!! jax lost interest pretty quickly, so we only got the eyes done :) ha! oh well!! it was fun to watch the snow from INSIDE!! i am glad i didn't have to go out in it. thanks for letting me cancel on you :)

Mom said...

What a wonderful and frosty post! So cool to see the rosy cheeks and snow fun!

Mom again said...

Your snowman is AWESOME !!