Saturday, January 21, 2012

Phone Pictures

You ready for a humungous picture dump? These are all my favorite pictures that have been on my iPhone for months. And sorry-- they are all blurry. Blurry, and awesome.

Dave and the kiddos before bed.
 one of my all time favorite pictures of Veda. Ever.
 Veda. Sitting in a wagon.
 Me and Vedes reading books in her room.
 The kiddos hugging before bath time one night.
 Quinn took this one. I love everything about it.
 HAPPY baby.
 Nothing to say about this. Just cute kids.
 Cute picture Quinn drew on the magna doodle. It's the whole family. Holding hands.
 Veda being silly.
 Veda being sillier. haha... love this picture.
 Aw. Remember when she used to wear headbands? I miss that.
Silly kid. And oh.. I think I'm going to cut his hair short again. I miss it. And I've been growing it out forever and haven't fallen in love with it. So it's coming off. Soon.
 Veda's eyes... man. Just that little twinkle in her eyes as she's looking at her brother. Priceless.
 Cute rosy cheeked babe. This picture proves that Veda hair is actually growing. Look how bald she was! Bald and precious and sweet and chubby.


kelsey said...

love the picture of quinn's stuffed animals, and dave with the kids reading.

Mom said...

Oh that was enjoyable! That one of Veda being sillier really cracked me up:) Some wonderful pictures of your very cute family! I like Hendrix hair short and spiky best also.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

LOVE the picture of dave and the kids. that one is PRECIOUS.