Monday, January 30, 2012

taking steps

Veda has been taking steps. I must admit I'm not ready. She's not 'walking' by any means-- but she's thinking about it. Here's a video of her taking ONE step. She will walk with a walker toy- but refuses to walk if you try and hold her hands and get her to do it. Go figure. Hopefully we have another couple months before she's really walking. She's my baby... so I gotta hold on to her for longer :)
And pay no mind to my make-up-less face. I can't believe I'm putting this on the blog. And yes-- I'm encouraging her with food. I'm a good mom :)


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

seriously can't even tell you don't have any make-up on. you are such a NATURAL!!! puhhh-lease, amber! :)

i love it when babies start to walk! so exciting!!

Mom said...

Wow! Big Stuff!! Way to go Vedie!

Lindsay said...

go veda go. and you are so stinkin cute with or without make up. i miss you!!