Saturday, January 21, 2012

mommy-daughter date

Quinn and I went on a date yesterday. She wanted to go back to Monkey Bizness. We had a lot of fun together. (Although that place is a work-out if you are actually running and jumping and maneuvering through those bounce houses (instead of hanging out and watching a baby play)). And the place unfortunately smelled REALLY strongly of throw up-- and was really hot. Quinn didn't notice either one of those things and played and giggled and had a great time. Afterwards we were going to go get an ice-cream, but decided to go to Cheesecake Factory instead and split a piece of cheese cake. It was a perfect little date with my darling little girl. 
(I guess I should have titled this post "Ghouls-date," since just us "ghouls" went out :)

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Mom said...

Hi Ghouls! I'm glad you had fun.