Thursday, January 26, 2012

favorite toys

I thought it would be fun to sporadically keep track of the kiddos favorite toys. I actually took these pictures before christmas, so they have some new favorites that they play with. Maybe more the reason for me to remember these.

Veda loves this little zoo toy. The animals spin around and it plays music. 
Hendrix LOVES this firetruck. He fills it up with all sorts of things and zooms it around the house.
This car mat is awesome. I got it at IKEA. Best 15 dollars ever spent. I am constantly carrying it and up and down the stairs because Hendrix wants to play with it no matter where we are in the house.
 ALL my kids play with this dollhouse. Julie got it for Quinn for her first Christmas. It has been a favorite ever since.
Play food. Man-- there is nothing I would love more than to throw this all away!! Only because I pick up play food more than anything else. I would never throw it away because the kids always always play with it. But I really hate cleaning it up all the time. :)

And there are some things I didn't take pictures of. Quinn loves to play with Little Pet Shop animals-- or any little animal type thing. And Hendrix's favorite thing is Matchbox cars. He has tons of cars/trucks, but if they aren't small/matchbox size-- he doesn't really play with them. And Veda's favorite thing is anything that she shouldn't have. Paper, trash, electrical cords, stairs, the dishwasher, etc.

I made these Gingersnap pumpkin cookies. Aren't you all so glad that I'm willing to try so many new cookie recipes for you?? They are amazingly good. :)


kelsey said...

I have the same relationship with play food. But I want more. Ha.

Also, you have no idea how long I've been eying that EXACT recipe! Fate. Gingersnaps are my favorite, and I love pumpkin. . . match made in heaven, I'm glad they were good.

Martin Mayhem said...

I just have to say AMEN about the play food!!! Best/worst toys ever!

Julie said...

Hey Am--you gotta start trying recipes that don't DESTROY my Weight Watchers allowance points in one sitting!!!! These cookies sound SOOOO good! I have to agree with Kelsey--gingersnaps and pumpkin are both near the top of my list of favorite foods.

Mom said...

I wish I had taken pictures of the favorite toys you kids had growing up. It would be fun to look back at them now. I do remember Star Wars and GI Joe vehicles the boys had, and roller skates and Baby Beans and the music you all sang along with and the shopping cart and Cabbage Patch kids... OK, the memories do come flooding back.