Sunday, December 23, 2012


Here's most of my Instagrams from last week:

We got passports! I'm so excited that I finally need one of these! We go on our cruise SOON!
 A lady in my ward did a baby music class this past week with Christmas songs. It was cute. Veda is on the left. I should have gotten a picture of their fronts because they look so much alike. (and their hair usually does too except I'm growing it out!)

 My kids have been passing around a yucky sickness. Quinn came home after her Christmas party at school with a horrible fever. Bad coughs, a little throwing up, high fevers, and runny noses.
 Veda had it too. And now Hendrix does :(
 Holy cow! When did my baby get so huge??!!
 Quinn helped Dave wrap my Christmas gifts. How cute is this tag?
 My awesome friend Lindsay made me this cool leather and bead bracelet. I love it.
 Dave and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on Friday. Look at us young kids!! We had a nice dinner at a cozy little restaurant the day before our anniversary. Turns out- it's a miracle we went a day early because then our kids got super sick and there is no way we could have gone out!

 The fox I made for Hendrix for Christmas
 Her crazy post-hair nap.
Quinn at her school party. A couple of the moms at the party had come up to me and asked me if Quinn was feeling alright during the party. But I thought nothing of it because Quinn is often really shy in those situations. It was nothing weird for her to not say "hi" to them or want to participate. I guess I should have felt her forehead. But at least I captured this darling smile
 Veda helped me shop for some last minute gifts this week. These glasses were hilarious on her.

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Mom said...

Love the sticking straight out pony tail, funny glasses, cute Kindergardener, fox pillow, baby class. Sad one of Quinno with a tear.