Wednesday, December 05, 2012

random catch up and magic

So much catch up to do. Here are some random pictures from the last week or so.
Take a good look at this picture before Dave takes it down :)
 Sweet sweet baby loves her daddy. a lot.

 We made some button wreath ornaments the other day. I got the idea from my friend's advent countdown. She has some cute ideas on there.
 At the park the other day. Yep- he is wearing lady bug wings.

 That same day we had a little picnic for dinner. I thought Veda's dinner looked so cute.
 She looked cute too
 Hendrix has been loving to play tea party lately. And with babies. See that baby doll sitting there with us? He would pretend to feed her. So cute.
 And this happened today- did you know that if you are the very first person at the Disney Store in the morning you get to dress up like Mickey Mouse and 'turn on the magic'??? How cute is that?
 Veda just stood there and let the lady dress her up. Then we all had to wiggle our fingers and say magic words. (And yes- she wiggled her little fingers under that robe)


Cami and Juan said...

I am dying over Veda in that Mickey robe. Her face is priceless! And no I didn't know that.

kelsey said...

tiny mickey! you're my hero for braving the disney store with children along.

also, I love that you let Hendrix play with babies and have tea parties and don't enforce gender toys on your kids.

love that second picture of dave and veda. matchy eyes. so cute.

Mom said...

That pic of Veda is darling!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cute cute cute!

and hendrix is wearing cute flip flops in DECEMBER, oh to live in tx!!! :-) jealous!

Kristin Reichert said...

Oh my goodness. That disney store thing is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Love that she got to do that!:) She's so cute!