Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas gifts from mommy and cute kids

Have you guys been dying to know what I'm making my kiddos for Christmas? I'm sure not, but here's what I made for Quinn.  It's a church bag. I got her a mini Book of Mormon, a notebook and fun pens to put in it. It's corduroy- which you can't tell from the picture, but I think makes it cuter in real life.
 Just Veda being silly in the carpool line
 These sisters are the best. Notice the matching leg gins and grey cardigans. It was Quinn's idea.

 And this is what I made for Veda. This little bag to hold the blocks I made her
 These are the blocks. Pretty stinking cute, huh?
 Veda enjoying some M&M&M&M's during our movie party yesterday.
And here we are back to square one- the girls are sharing a room again. Fingers crossed that this solves some of the sleep issues we've been having. Bedtime has been SO much better (it's only been 2 nights). Unfortunately we are still having sleeping through the night in own bed issues- but I'm hopeful that it's only because Veda has a horrible cough that is keeping both of them awake. And p.s. tonight was night #2 of not nursing Veda before bed. I think it helped that we also made the room change at the same time. She has been kind of thrown off our regular bedtime routine so she hasn't asked to nurse. Which is good- because if she had asked, I probably would have given in. Let's be honest- if I weren't going on a cruise soon, I would not wean her at all :)


Stephanie Lee said...

You're so creative! What darling gifts! I especially love the blocks for Veda.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

their room is so cute! i like the setup! i hope it goes well for you! it stresses me out to think about my kids sharing a room!

p.s. when are you leaving for your cruise? a few weeks, right? so excited for you!

Lindsay said...

your stuff is so cute. i love quinn's bag and those blocks are to die for. you are so talented. and im glad bedtime/sleeping is going better. we're having our own struggles here. my good sleeper has gone bad. i'm exhausted.

Mom said...

i can't wait to play with those blocks myself. That bag is darling!! (both of them). Good luck with the sleep issues.