Monday, December 10, 2012


More Instas!!
Veda getting lucky at the mall and getting a candy cane.
 Quinn lost her first tooth!!! Can you believe it?! After it came out she said "And I'm not even six!" She wrote the tooth fairy this cute note and the tooth fairy left her a new book
 Painting some ornaments
 Poor little sick boy
 We went to tis reenactment of Bethlehem last night. It was really really neat.
 Shark shirt, shark toy
 Veda climbed up here all by herself.
 Hendrix at IKEA
 Sweet babies watching the rain. My kids have been their fair share of naughty lately, but I sure love it when they are so sweet to each other. I hear Hendrix sometimes in the car ask Veda to hold his hand. Veda is constantly handing out hugs and kisses to both Quinn and Hendrix. It's the best. Now if only they'd stop the arguing and selfishness and biting :)
 Hendrix handed this to me and said "Here mom! There's some left for you."

 Me and Jen BEFORE the race.
 Chris was in town for a few days last week. It was so fun to have him here.
 Quinn let me curl her hair for the first time EVER on Sunday. Mommy/hairstylist dream come true :)


Landen said...

Quinn's hair was SO cute! I was a little jealous and wish my hair curled that well :)

Cami and Juan said...

Quinn's curls are adorable, and her sweet little pose, she knows she's working the curls. I love that picture of Hendrix at Ikea, he looks like Quinn!

Mom said...

i love those red tights of yours! And Quinn's curls and especially the tooth fairy note.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

LOVE your tights and i love those curls on quinn!! what a DOLL! did quinn like the curls? i am so sorry hendrix is sick. i hope he feels better soon!