Monday, December 10, 2012


I don't know why I can't keep up with the blog lately. Maybe because it's December. And my kids have been sick. And I've been running like crazy. And sewing like crazy. There are my excuses. And here's my Instagram catch up. 

Veda hanging out at IKEA
 This is how Hendrix eats a sprinkled donut
 Look at how he's looking at Santa
Hendrix had his last day of soccer. Sweet Veda is going to miss it too. She always participated a lot as well, and loved the hand stamp at the end of class (Hendrix never got a stamp. For some reason he never wanted one... weird).
Me and my friend Jen after our half marathon on Saturday. We both placed in our age group (nope- I wasn't in her age group... she's sweet and young and not yet in the 25-29 group with me). But it's a good thing since she finished before me. The race was awesome. Perfect weather- 60's with a light mist of rain off and on. The course was pretty flat too which was nice. I beat my personal goal by 15 minutes, so I was thrilled. I started the race with Jen- knowing that she is faster than me- and knowing that it was probably a bad idea. After about 3 miles Jen took off and I found out that we had been running 8:20/mile. But by that point I realized that maybe I could keep up the pace. And then by the time I got to mile eleven I HAD to finish at that pace because I was so excited that I had already done that much of it that fast. 1:55 and second in my age group- not too bad for my 2nd half marathon. And THANKS Jen- I seriously owe you my awesome time :) (And check out her blog- her husband took a picture of us right at the beginning of the race. And not only do I look pregnant because I have a fanny pack on, but we look like speed walkers in the mall)
 My darling darling baby girl

 Playing "Don't Eat Santa" with Veda is funny. When it's her turn, she just grabs as many as she can before we can have a chance to tell her to not eat him. That girl sure likes her "Mnmnmnm's"

 We made a gingerbread house :)

 Quinn drew this picture of Mary in Primary. A very PREGNANT Mary :)

 Veda eating apples just like her big sister does.
 Veda making a mess at soccer. She is really good at making messes everywhere we go lately.
 And our cute Christmas books all ready for our countdown.
 Veda liking my face. That's normal, right? ;)


Mom said...

Normal if you say so....! Enjoyed that group of pictures and comments!!

Jen said...

Thanks for the little shout out, although you were the one that totally ROCKED IT! We need to definitely run together more, even though I don't know if I could handle the 5 am mornings, I mean, you saw me at 6:30 and that was even rough for me :) But you did so great, and I love the comment "like speed walkers in the mall", that was great. Just great. Made my day!

Kristin Reichert said...

You guys are so cute! I love seeing your cute little family!:)