Sunday, December 30, 2012


Just my Instagrams from the week.

 Quinn enjoying her make up set from Santa. And the princess dress that Hendrix got her for christmas.
 "Look mom! I'm a reindeer!"
 Shopping with the babies. Veda loves this baby she got for Christmas. It's super hard plastic, yet she sleeps with it whenever I let her
 My cute little reader
 the quilt I made for Veda's baby
 Just a crazy longhorn I saw on one of my runs this week
 I know, I know... I"m awesome at Legos. In case you can't tell what they are: Rudolf, Santa, and a Christmas tree

 ice cream!
 I honestly have a picture of me doing this exact same thing when I was two. Dumping a whole bottle of sprinkles on one cookie. I should find the picture. I think I have an awesome mushroom haircut.
 Freddy's ice creams on Christmas Eve
 Sweet girlies in Christmas dresses
 More wildlife on a different run. Bison! Had a great week of runs this past week - 38 miles. Not crazy a lot- but a lot for me :)


Mom said...

Thanks for that review of your week. Awesomely cute pics!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

love the quilt and their christmas dresses! happy new year! xo

Anonymous said...

38 miles!????? wowzers!!