Sunday, December 16, 2012


My week on Instagram:

Two little cuties with pajamas
 Veda's letter to Santa. I hope he can read her writing. (and when I ask her what she wants, she says she wants a Wall-e toy. But it's only because that is what Hendrix is asking for). And don't get my started on that silly Wall-e toy. Let's just say that Santa might not bring Hendrix what he's asking for because they are no where to be found. I ordered one online, but of course it isn't going to get here in time for Christmas :(
 the kiddos and me on a train ride.

 Veda learned how to eat apples from Quinn
 My dad sent Quinn a dollar for losing her tooth. She was so excited to get the mail- so immediately sat down and wrote this thank you card.

 We had a Christmas movie party after church today.
 I've been sewing up a storm this week preparing for Christmas.
 Carpool line gets sunny
 Finally got some new running shoes! My toes were about to poke through my last pair ;)
 Veda enjoying a cupcake at a birthday party
 Cookies! I went to a cookie exchange last night. I made our favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with cream cheese frosting.

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Mom said...

That Quinn letter is staying on my fridge for a very long time. The cookies look yummy! A movie party? Good idea!