Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We had cheese fondue for Christmas Eve dinner last night. 
 We had a wonderful Christmas morning. The kids were so excited- and even slept until 6:30 this morning!! (although Quinn started at about midnight asking me if it was morning)
Quinn got the make up set she wanted.
And Hendrix got a Wall-e toy. It was a relief that I got that sucker in time. I hope he asks for something easier to find next year!
 Veda got a baby doll and diaper bag.
 Look at our mess! I guess Santa did come!
And I'm doing this blog post on my very own new MacBook Pro. Dave is the best. And he totally surprised me - I had no idea. He also got me some new running shorts and shoes and shotblocks and a foam roller. Which is quite a bit more than the "nothing" we were supposed to give each other since our cruise is next month. :)


Mom said...

It was fun to see your Christmas pictures! Want to do it again next week? Congrats on your new MacBook. I wish we were together today!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Why was Wall E so tough to find? What is it exactly? So excited for you and your trip.


Anonymous said...

So fun. I'm obsessed with my foam roller, I couldn't live/run without it! Love Veda's face holding her dolly. So cute. And cheese fondue . . . YUM. Merry Christmas!!!