Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We're back!!! We just finished the most AWESOME week ever on our cruise. I'll have to break up the trip into a few posts.

Here we are FINALLY ready to board the boat. Right before we got to Galveston, my friend warned me that the worst part was the lines at the port. Boy, she wasn't kidding. Getting onto the boat was crazy long and annoying. But worth it :)
(and after we boarded, we found out that there were over 5,000 people on our ship, so that would maybe explain the long lines)

 I have about 1,000 pictures of me and Dave taking a self portrait with our sunglasses on.

 After we boarded the ship, we headed to the top to see the view. There was another ship behind us taking off at the same time as us
  see? More to come over the next few days of Davey and me in our shades :)

I DO NOT get motion sickness. I can read a book in a car and not be fazed at all. But the first 18 hours of my cruise I felt a little sick. Not SUPER sick, but enough that I had to take some medicine and didn't feel up to doing too much. good thing we were there to relax :) (also on that note- we've been home for 2 days and I still feel like I'm rocking in a boat sometimes... weird)

Our room was great- we had a balcony room. We would definitely get a balcony room again. We loved being able to go out there all the time. And we felt like we could hang out in our room and watch a movie or take a nap without feeling like we were in a cave (that was moving).

To be continued!


Emily said...

Love the glasses! I'm so glad yoou guys are home safe and had a blast! One day Trav and I will get away... one day...

Sarah Keller said...

So fun! You two look like celebrities! Such good lookin' people! I love all of the pics of your excursions. So glad you had a good time.

Mom said...

Good thing you had such cool sunglasses!!

Anonymous said...

can I have your autograph? thanks.