Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Instagrams

Our ward meets at 8 am this year. I LOVE IT. At least last Sunday I did. We were able to come home and all take a nap! This Sunday? Veda decided to blow out her diaper and scream "Mommy" for 45 minutes until we came and got her. Hopefully next week we can nap.

 The weather is awesome right now. This past week was seriously heaven. While everyone else in the country was suffering through snow storms and freezing temperatures, we were in the 70's.

 We obviously took advantage and played outside a lot.

 Veda's new obsession? Playing "Na na." Which is just playing with play food/dishes. She wakes up and immediately wants to play it. She tells you where to sit and brings you food and even blows it off for you. It's cute.

 Oh man- has my cruise only been two weeks ago?!! It feels like forever ago. I miss the beach


Mom said...

Where was all that good weather when I was there? It was around 50 every day except two which we took full advantage of. Cute pics. Sorry about the naps you didn't get. l love that little leapard skirt! And don't you love how Veda calls her doll Aa-Aa?

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

love the pink boots! and you're crazy, 8'oclock church sounds hard! i am loving 11 o'clock! ;) i miss the beach too!! it was so wonderful when we got to vacation there last summer. i want to live by the ocean!! let's move together!