Friday, January 18, 2013

feet and kids and our cruise

Standing in line for pizza
 Relaxing on the 'adults only' level.
 All water- shoed up in Grand Cayman
 Dressed up for formal dinner
 At the beach in Mexico
 Hanging out on the ship reading books

Many of you have asked (or are wondering and didn't ask?!) how our kids did while we were gone. It was the first time we have left them for this long - and the very first time I have ever left Veda. I was nervous, of course. Leaving was SO HARD. Having said that-- leaving was the worst part. We left while the older kids were at church, and when it was time to actually drive away, Julie took Veda for a walk around the block. It worked well- most of the tears came from ME that way. 

I cried a lot in the week leading up to our trip. I not only have clingy kids, but I'm obviously a clingy mom. I rarely let my kids out of my sight. The day before our trip, I had made a comment to my mom about how I didn't really know why we planned a WEEK vacation, instead of just an over-nighter or something. I was definitely having some regret and feeling nervous about leaving. 

BUT... after we were on the road, I was fine. Seriously. It was obviously a gift from heaven, because I was honestly, truly FINE. I tried really hard not to think about my kids (I know that sounds awful, but it worked). Of course I still thought about them sometimes, and of course I missed them- but never once during the whole week did I wish that I was at home with them. I KNEW they were in good hands. We   called home after we had been gone two days to realize that Veda was at the doctor with an ear infection. At first I felt sad that my sweet baby was home sick without her mommy... then I realized that she was with my mom and sister (who are both nurses, by the way) who love her and treated her as well as I would have if I had been there.

Hendrix was not on his best behavior while I was gone. Sleeping was an issue- and I got the impression that he was having more tantrums and being meaner than normal while we were gone. I think that was to be expected, and everyone survived. And thankfully he didn't hold any resentment towards Dave and I when we got back (he has done that before to Dave after he returns from business trips).

I hope that this doesn't make any of you think that I am lesser of a mother because I wasn't SUPER homesick for my kids. Sometimes, ya need a break. And it was really nice for me and Dave to just be ME AND DAVE for a while without the kiddos. I LOVE my kids. Like really super love my kids. But it was really awesome to be able to enjoy myself knowing that they were at home getting their normal naps, routines, and mealtimes in the hands of a loving grandma and Aunt. Would I go on a cruise again- YES. As soon as I can talk my mom into babysitting again. ;)


Mom again said...

It wouldn't be hard to talk me into it again. I needed to bond with them and having you and Dave gone helped because they had to totally depend on me (or Julie or Diane). You have wonderful beautiful sweet children. (OK, Hendrix wasn't always sweet- but I know he can be and is when he wants to be).I realize more than ever that parents need a break sometimes. I'm glad you had an opportunity to have one. We not only survived but enjoyed the experience!!

Anonymous said...

Whew. I HAVE been wondering. A lot, actually. I knew your kids would be fine and in great hands but I wondered how you did. I'm so happy to hear that you were fine. It gives me hope for myself maybe one day having the courage to leave as well! lol. I'm so happy you loved it and had a great time. You definitely deserve it, you're such great hands-on parents and I love that you just went for it and had a blast together. Maybe next time I can come?

T-I-F-F-A-N-Y said...

Amber, I'm so HAPPY you got AWAY and most of all that YOU had a GOOD time! I'm a lot like you, in the fact that I very seldom go away without my kids and when I do even if it's just for a date night a part of me is always worrying about Hayden and what he's doing but at the same time I need the break away! And it's good! :o) Hope one day I can get the nerve up to leave my kiddos for a vaca, you give me HOPE ;O)