Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grand Cayman

Sorry- I think I sounded like a negative Nancy about Jamaica. Here is a very upbeat post about AWESOME Cayman Island.
We went on an excursion: snorkeling at a coral reef and sting rays. It was so cool. We took this  boat out to what seemed like the middle of the ocean- but there was this big sand bar where the water was only waist deep. It was cool seeing all these people just standing around in the middle of the ocean. The sting rays were awesome too.

 After our excursion, we didn't get on the bus to go back to the port- we walked to 7 mile beach. We ate lunch at this place on the beach.
 Then ended up just walking all the way back to the pier to get on the boat. It was a beautiful day and Grand Cayman was so beautiful.


Mom said...

What a beautiful beach and water and blue sky. I yearn for that warmth! It's so cold here today. Cool bay with the sting rays...

Anonymous said...

that water looks amazing right about now.