Tuesday, January 15, 2013

food on the cruise

Everyone says one of the best things about a cruise is the food, right? So I made sure to document some of our eating adventures while on the boat. Every night at dinner they had a riskier option of something to try. We didn't try it every night- but a few nights we did. And the awesome thing about trying it on  cruise, is if you don't like it, you can just ask for something else :)
Oysters. (Dave tried them- not me)
 About to eat lobster. It was disgusting. (I don't like sea food)
 It was pretty though :)
 Chocolate melting cake. The best dessert they had on the boat.
 the candy shop onboard
 the pizza was amazing.
 Mmm... a sleepy Dave eating breakfast
 And having some cinnamon rolls for a late morning snack :)
 paninis for lunch one day
 I don't even remember what this was. But it was delicious
 sushi-- again, this was Dave's not mine. but he liked it!
 more pizza.
 More breakfast :)

 I ordered the frog legs one night. GROSS
 There was a chocolate bar one afternoon with a chocolate fountain and cakes etc. This ice cream swan was really good
 mongolian bbq
We could go to dinner at any time this week, so we were always seated with different people every night. Some nights it was fun, other nights it was super awkward. Our favorite nights were when we were seated by old people. We either really liked them- or they were so crazy that it gave us a lot to talk about later. It was also a nice way to meet people. It was kinda fun running into people that we 'knew' the next few days.


Stephanie Lee said...

Oooo chocolate melting cakes are the BEST! I seriously got one every night on our cruise. I don't think I could ever get sick of them!

Emily said...

The pizza looks amazing! I would have gained 35 pounds though! I'd pass on the seafood too- so nasty!

Mom said...

You are hilarious how you are always taking pictures of food and yet are so skinny. I would have gained 100 lbs. that week!!

Anonymous said...

I have no words . . . holy yum. I need that lobster, asap. You have officially just climbed 1 million steps higher in my books (if that's possible) for trying the frog legs! WHAT?!?!?! I couldn't even believe it when I saw that. I don't think I could have done it.