Sunday, January 27, 2013


Here's a few instagrams from this week
My dryer is kinda broken. Hendrix had an accident during one of his naps this week and I knew there was no way I would be able to get his bedding washed and dried before bedtime (it has been taking 5 or 6 cycles to get a regular load dry). So my friend/neighbor has offered to let me use her dryer until mine is fixed. I brought two loads over to her house, and she brought them back to me two hours later all washed and DRY! Plus a treat. I love my neighbor. She knows the way to my heart... clean clothes and candy :)
 HENDRIX IS OFFICIALLY POTTY TRAINED!!! Just two months shy of 4 years old. Way to go little buddy. These are the toys he got for filling up his sticker chart. And also- he is wearing a pull up at night- and during his nap if he refuses to pee before he goes down. He doesn't like to wear one- which is good, but I'm just not that patient with accidents, so we all cope better this way.
 Had an 11 miler yesterday with my 'sole sisters'

 date night with Dave! We finally saw Les Mis. Plus a little Freddy's before- please tell me you have all been to Freddy's. The absolute best french fries on the planet-- and my favorite ice cream EVER.
 Her little face is just the best. i love her to pieces.
 Rocking out with Dave

 Quinn putting make up on Veda. I love her face in this picture
 Hendrix: "Take a picture of my eye, mom."
 We had a 'no tv' day this week. Before you start thinking I'm a great mom- it was because Hendrix had gotten out of bed the night before. We are still struggling, but it's slightly better. Thanks for all your suggestions. We have taken away privileges and toys so far. We haven't cut back on naps just because every day this week he was so sleepy in the morning I didn't feel like I could.
 blue steel
A very deceiving picture of Veda at church. She looks so sweet and reverent here :)
Church is so hard with my kids right now. Veda doesn't want to go to nursery, and Hendrix wants to go back to nursery. It's a struggle.


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Cute cute pics Am. Church is IMPOSSIBLE for us right now :-( Owen isn't adjusting well to primary either and Jake isn't adjusting to Owen being gone from nursery so he's a mess, it's kind of a joke, we spend a lot of time in the halls!!!!

Mom said...

What a nice neighbor! Isn't it the biggest hassle ever when a big appliance is broken? It would take 3 cycles to dry anything when I was there. Way to go Hendrix!! Dad wishes he could run more but the sidewalks are trecherous right now.

Janssen said...

Ella has loved nursery for many months now, but since we came back, she's refused to go. Argh.