Wednesday, January 16, 2013


For us newbie cruisers, we loved the little things - like the towel animals left on our bed each night while we were at dinner- and the chocolate and smoothed out bed was nice too :)

 Just reading books and relaxing

 The boat had water slides (Which we never did... I don't know why), and a ropes course - which i had no intention of doing. There was mini golf too- and we did that. :)

 I think this picture was taken after a show one night. There was so much fun stuff to do in the evenings. There was an AWESOME magic show-- Dave and I were both blown away. There was this juggler guy who was amazing and hilarious. There were a bunch of comedy shows that were really good too.
 GROSS!! My sweaty shirt after running on a treadmill. I'm so happy to be home and running outside this week-- even though it's FREEZING here. (okay- maybe not as freezing as some of you are experiencing...)

 When we went down for breakfast on Friday morning there were a bazillion towel animals all over by the pool.
 I read this book. So good.


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

So fun! Let's plan a cruise together for real!

Mom said...

Love that one of Dave looking just like the towel animal! I can't believe you put that sweat one in the mix. I'm reading that book next.

Anonymous said...

you're so cute. I miss your face.