Thursday, July 21, 2011

bags and babies

what in the world is it about going on a trip that makes me have a strong desire to make bags? hmm...
I made this book for the kid's books. Because heaven forbid they use a bag we already have. Plus I saw this cute bag on Pinterest that I wanted to make.

and i finally made one of THESE. I dreamed of yellow stripes on mine too, but alas-- no IKEA near me.

and... (sorry to spoil the surprise). I made one for Julie and mom too. When I started making them, I thought it was a great idea-- then 1 bag into it, I realized it was pretty ambitious to make three of these suckers. the bottoms are vinyl-- cool huh?

sleep training is going pretty well (despite the fact that she is screaming as i type this). She usually has been crying for no more than 20 minutes when I put her down for a nap. And usually it's less than 10. Today she even took a 2 1/2 hour nap-- and she hasn't done that at all since I started sleep training her on Sunday. She'll put herself to sleep, but only sleep for 20-30 minutes. The past two nights she has even only woken up ONCE to nurse. So even though she is crying right now-- who knows why-- she is doing awesome!! There is an end in sight :)
And I love that when I put her sleep, she lets me cuddle her and put her little face in my neck. Nothing better than a baby sweetly breathing in your neck. ha. :)

maybe there is just nothing better than a sweet baby. i asked quinn today if we should have more babies at our house. she said "YES!! forty five!" I asked her where in the world we would put 45 babies-- she just giggled, and said in Veda's room.

(and no-- I'm not gonna have 45 more babies) :)


Mom said...

Maybe Quinn meant 4 or 5! I LOVE the bag!!! You rock girl. Dave looks fantastic. The juice is making him look SO healthy!

kelsey said...

I think you should at least consider 43. It seems like a good number. Veda is ridiculously good looking. I love her. Also, love the canvases behind Dave in that last pic. Yay for sleeping!!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

cute bags!!! :-)

Lindsey said...

I love the ABC bag. Do you like Pinterest? At first I thought it just would be another site sucking away my time but the truth is I am already "pinning" things, just in random folders on my computer or links that I email to myself. But it really seems like a cool site to organize all of the great ideas out there.

valerie said...

Love the bags! Woman you are amazing :)
Babies + sleep = happiness
babies - sleep = misery

quinn makes me laugh, 45 eh? You could do it, you would sew a new house for them all to sleep in :) muahahahahha

Jan Allar said...

I want that bag! Adorable, Amber!