Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my kids today

this little boy loves to be silly. wear a backpack, silly shoes, or hats, or sunglasses. he wore his backpack (full of cars) just to walk to the mailbox this afternoon.

in quinn's sunglasses

and one of quinn's shoes (he had this on for at least an hour)

veda's 4 month stats:
16.5 pounds: 83rd percentile
25.5 inches long: 64th percentile
and 100% perfect

a CUTE headband that i made veda. and it's too small. sad. i can't always get the sizing right. so now i have about 10 headbands that are not the right size.. :(

three of my favorite things about this picture
1. quinn's cute little scrawny body
2. her swimsuit
3. her left hand


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

awww! she IS 100% perfect! good for your family! love you guys!!!

Mom said...

What a goofy little guy. So funny! What a darling healthy baby! What a cute little girl. You just have great kids!

kelsey said...

I love that Veda and Scarlett are pretty much the exact same size!!! lol. I sure hope the present I just got her in Canada fits by the time I get to a post office to mail it! I better hurry. . .

Lindsey said...

I'd like to count how many homemade items are in these pictures. If I'm right, there is something homemade in all but one (Q's swimsuit). This is a fun new "I Spy" game :) Just further proof that you are supermom.

krystal said...

The kids are looking great!!! Miss you guys! and yes I check your blog everyday still:)