Friday, July 08, 2011

ice cream, ballerina, and presents

it looks like i should probably start working on writing down some 'life' goals-- because having a summer bucket list on my fridge motivates me to cross things off. yesterday-- we made home made ice cream.

and just quinn in a ballerina outfit. i didn't think much of the cuteness-- but Dave got home from work, and said: "Did you take a picture??" so I did. it is cute, afterall.

my mom and sister have both sent hendrix a 'get well' package. they are so nice to spoil us :)
he was pretty excited to get some trucks

and lightning mcqueen magnets for the fridge

and some frogs/lizards. quinn was pretty excited about these too. both the kids played with these all afternoon. we brought them outside in the pool, played with them in the bath, and they both had little fistfuls of them the rest of the time :)


Mom said...

Well Hooray for homemade ice cream, pretty little ballerinas and lizards!!

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

can i have your recipe for homemade ice cream? i am trying to find the perfect one.... and, well, since you are practically perfect in every way :-)