Friday, July 01, 2011

veda: 4 months

miss veda lou is 4 months old today!!! it's crazy to me that she's already 4 months old- yet at the same time, it's like she's always been here. We love her a LOT. here's what she's up to:

*Sleeping GREAT. Still not putting herself to sleep, but rocks to sleep semi- easily
*nursing like a champ (obviously)
*Pamper's Swaddlers have been the answer to her blow-outs. we just got them two days ago, but NO blow-outs since. hallelujah. she is a pooper-- and most of the time it was coming out.
*she's at the beginnings of reaching/playing with toys.
*rolls both ways, but it's very sporadic. she'll surprise me with a roll every couple of days, but never when i want her to... :)
*giggles-- but also very hit or miss. sometimes quinn will jump or something and it will make Veda giggle, but it's tricky to get her to giggle and I haven't caught it on camera (sorry mom..)

i'm sure i'm forgetting something. and no stats yet-- i haven't even made her well-check appointment. (we've obviously had a busy week with other things!) but she weighs a LOT... my arms can testify of that.

and hendrix is doing GREAT. he's still sleepy and likes to rest a lot. he's eating and sleeping well-- and as long as i keep up with his pain medication he is pretty happy. thanks for everyone's prayers and checking up on us so much. :)


Mom said...

That's one wonderful baby you have there! Happy 4 months Veda!! I'm glad Hendrix is doing so well. Kiss those kiddos for me.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Veda looks SO long!!! i can't believe she is already 4 months! it went by fast!

kelsey said...

she is chunky and awesome. you have posted a lot. i'm trying to catch up!