Saturday, July 02, 2011

x's surgery

now that it's been a few days, these pictures are easier for me to look at :)

here is hendrix before his surgery. the sensor on his toe was wiggly-- and he was a little loopy. so he kept saying 'wiggly worm, wiggly worm...' but slurred together in a loopy voice. it was cute :)

this is hendrix trying to sleep on the way home. it was a long drive... he slept in 2 minute increments between crying :(

lots more sleeping when we got home

the early morning made someone else sleepy too...

quinn made him lots of pictures when we got home. look how good she writes his name!!!

hendrix got to eat ice cream-- on the couch!!

and got a present

i'm glad he's doing better. he seems 100% now-- and will hopefully stay that way instead of getting sick ALL THE TIME!!

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Mom said...

That's a cute bear he has. I'm sure these pics make you sad to relive the memory. Looks like he did well with the whole thing and maybe now he will stay healthy.