Monday, July 11, 2011

pickle head space monsters and headbands

quinn has turned into quite the little giggler. it's super cute. she giggles about everything. the simplest things will crack her up. i love it.

Veda being cute

i made some headbands. i think i have a problem. i can't stop.

hendrix picked these all by himself. (at eight in the morning even). if i leave him unattended in the backyard for more than a few minutes he picks some peas. they are about done now-- sad. and yes-- boots again. i swear he lives in rain boots.

and just quinn and hendrix playing. where do they come up with these things?


Lindsay said...

haha, i want to be a pickle head space monster. sounds like fun!!! cute cute kiddies.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

love the headbands!

Mom said...

Pickle head space monsters? That is too cute! Our power came back on at 11;00 pm! Hooray, now we can sleep without worrying that the basement will flood. Does Hendrix eat those peas he picks? i LOVE giggly girls. Might as well be happy. You do have a problem - how to decide which headband to put on Veda....