Friday, September 30, 2011

AmberFest 2011 Begins

Yes folks, it's that time of year again. And by that, I'm talking about when all the stores dedicate large isles to selling huge bags of Halloween candy. My favorite. Oh and by the way, this is Dave, not Amber. But either way, that first sentence pretty much would have been the same.

Also, it's AmberFest! Yay! Isn't it about time our favorite, most hard-working, under-appreciated, smoking-hot wife/mommy gets a little extra special something, which may or may not include at least two large bags of that delicious processed-sugar Halloween candy (it does).

So this year, having been inspired by lolcats (if you don't know what that is, then we welcome you to the internets. glad you could join us. feel free to poke around a bit. but hey, not too much. these bloggy things can literally loose hours of your life, where you have no recollection what happened, how you got that toast or where the kids are - or so i've heard). so where was i.. ah yes, the lolcats. So, in honor of Amberfest this year, I've decided to do something I'd like to call lolkellz™. er, maybe lolberfest™. hrm, this naming thing is proving to be tougher than i originally thought... anyway, the idea is that i'll come up with and post a few fam pictures with lolwords™ on the top every day. (queue nacho libre voice): it is for fun.

a few may give you a small chuckle, a chortle or if we get lucky, a milk-outcher-nose-er™. but, let's face it folks, most probably won't even be funny. and i'm not promising anything. nothing. at all. is. promised. to. you. people.

most of these will be done too late at night (like now) so they'll probably only be funny to those of us who hit the giggle hour after having hyped-up on some of that, what do you call it.. ah yes, sugar-candy.

so, here goes. do feel free to look away now - you've had your fair warning:

yeah, just an ok start i know. but i'm just getting warmed up erybody. i should probably stretch more before i start..

But Happy AmberFest mommy! We seriously love you. Like, Meelions.

ps. just so you know, occasionally i use capitals, but usually not. cause seriously who are these capital letters to be all walking around telling us what to do, wearing suits and everything. anyway, i just wanted to point out that i'm typically over-sensitive about punctuation and grammar, but in this forum i'm going for the opposite. just cause. so there. high five bros.


Mom said...

this is going to be soooo fun. seriously. and i don't even do the nacho libre accent too well. love the photos of the cute kids. and so cool that dave knows how to put those white words on top and do the cool cursive word across the top. don't think we don't notice all the coolness. happy amberfest amber.

Amber said...

Thanks dave. You are the sweetest. And you weren't kidding about the candy! Thanks for the huge pile I found on the island this morning!!! It may, or may not be half gone already :)

But really.... Thanks dave. Nothing makes me feel special like a blog post. (and this is gonna let you down... But I had to google lolcats)

Lindsay said...

oh amber, you had to google lolcats?? thats hilarious. i love this post. so cute. what a great husband you have. happy amberfest. i hope its all you hoped it would be. big bags of candy and all.

kelsey said...

Be proud of me, for actually knowing in some small space of my mind what lolcats were. The image is vague, but embedded, nonetheless. I also noticed the huge switch in using capitals to not, so thanks for the explanation. LOL.

Love the blog makeover dedicated to Amberfest. So great.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

Happy AMBER-fest!!! whoo-hoo! have fun with your mom and i hope you get LOTS and LOTS of candy :-)

love you lots!

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

Is "AmberFest" copyrighted in a way that I couldn't use "WhitneyFest" if I could somehow talk Aaron into doing that for me?? I look forward to this annual event as if it were my own birthday. And Maybe I'll meet you someday. Amber you of course are hilarious too. Happy birthday!