Friday, September 09, 2011

more favorites

You asked for it... more of my favorites:

Downeast Half- sleeve T shirt.
I love these in white for an undershirt. I LOVE tight sleeves on my undershirts-- and these are awesome. The perfect length, the perfect arm-tightness.

71 toes.
(Lindsey-- I think I found her blog off of yours??) She is a wonderful photographer, good mom, down to earth, and has lots of good parenting advice. Even just through the daily documenting of her life with her kids I feel like I learn a lot from her. I feel like when I read her blog, I love my kids more. Weird? yes. It's a great blog-- it's another one that I get excited to read.

American Eagle Artist.
So... I tell this to you a little hesitantly. Yes-- these are my favorites, but I wish I had a different favorite jean. I've been wearing these for a couple of years because they fit me the best that I've found. The bum is just snug enough, and the length is usually perfect.... except the last time I ordered them they were too long. And it makes me sad. I'm short, okay? And even a 0short is too long!!! So if anyone has awesome jeans that they love, and they come in a short length, pass it along. :)

I wanted to share a favorite song. I couldn't really think of my very favorite song right now. I really like this one. Dave went to see them in concert a few weeks ago and introduced me to them. Good. And pretty sweet that there is like 20 of them in the band. And sorry if there is a curse word. I can't remember if there is or not. I've been living in Idaho too long too.. I'm starting to like country music. eek... I've gotta get out of here!
p.s. My real favorite song is by Dave. :)

These kids are my favorites:

Other favorites:
eating brownies, ice-cream, cake, or candy
my mom :)


Lindsey said...

Holy cute picture! I love 71toes. There are so many blogs that make me feel bad about all the things I'm not doing, and her's is uplifting and makes me want to be better without making it seem impossible.

Mom said...

I love these "favorites" blogs. That last item especially!

The Thomsons said...

I have the opposite prob at American Eagle- they never have pants there long enough for me. :(

Mom again said...

Some of my favorites-
Those exact same kids.
Sunsets at the beach.
New clothes.
Small vanilla soft serve ice cream.
Visiting you.
A very clean house (don't have one right now).
Music so beautiful that it makes me cry.
Plants coming up in the Spring.
Fall leaves/trees.
A fresh big snowfall.
Hearing a baby laugh.
A warm towel from the dryer on a cold winter day.
Having enough money for a ticket to Idaho.