Friday, September 02, 2011

veda at 6 months

no stats for this little lady yet, but here's what she's up to in her 6 months of life:
*She's SO GOOD. super sweet, smiley, happy, charming little girl. she goes with the flow, good in the car, puts up with her older brother and sister (and mommy) and the 'love' they giver her all the time
*not sleeping through the night. but sleeps from 6:30 til 1 or 3 am. so not too bad.
*scooting like crazy. yesterday she scooted from the office to the bathroom (and if you've never been to my house, come over and i'll show you how far that is) :)
*likes solid food-- sweet potatoes, rice cereal, pears, and bananas. bananas are for sure her favorite
*can say: "mama, I love you." okay... she can't really do that. but that would be awesome.
*growing a bunch of hair. she's got hair all over her head that's almost an inch long-- plus a handful of hairs on the top that's 5 inches long. it's kinda a mess... i've never had to deal with crazy baby hair before. if I don't smooth it or put mousse in it, she looks nut-so.
*no teeth. and no signs of them yet. another late teether like hendrix!! (Quinn had a couple teeth at 4 months)
*she's all around pretty great. We love her to pieces.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

she is such a smiley baby!! what a cute girl!

Mom said...

I also love her to pieces and think she is just the greatest!! Can't wait to kiss that baby.