Tuesday, September 06, 2011

rocket man and recipes

Okay... So I guess some of you guys were serious about wanting to know how I did the Rocket Man art for our bonus room.

If you go to Home Depot, you can  buy a HUGE piece of board called.... I don't know what it's called. It's painted white on one side and it's brown on the other. It's about 1/4 inch thick. A sheet of it is around $12 dollars. You find a nice man who works there and ask him to cut it for you--- he'll cut it however you want. We wanted it as long as we could, so we had him cut it in half lengthwise. We ended up with an 8x2.5 foot board. And oh-- they aren't always white on one side-- sometimes they are all brown. For these purposes, we wanted a white one.

Then I used my handy Silhouette machine and started making LOTS of documents with the text of Rocket Man on them. Holy smokes... this is no easy (or fast) process. And I wanted it all to look different-- (I didn't want the font to be the same every time "Rocket man," or "oh, no no no," was on the board). So I basically made a new document literally 100 times. The fonts I used were:

Pea Anderson
Pea Ashley
Pea Christy
Pea Jenny Roman
Pea Laura
Pea Robot Strong
Pea Steph

I switched between all these fonts and changed the sizing (and picked words that I knew I wanted a LOT bigger).

Cut them out on my handy machine, and put them on the white board. If I had done it how I had planned, all the text would have been the same font and the same size, but Dave had a different idea-- so I listened to him. What do I know, anyway? He was right-- it turned out cool. I almost hate to show you my inspiration, because of course it is cuter than mine. But HERE it is.

8 hours later... you'll be done! And just nail that sucker right into the wall. :)

The recipes I've tried lately:

So about two weeks ago I made THESE for dinner. Pumpkin waffles and cinnamon syrup... they were really good. But then I had almost a whole can of pumpkin left-- and you can't just let that yummy pumpkin go to waste, so I had to make a couple more pumpkin things.

So then I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. I had never made this recipe before. And wowee.... they were pretty good. Dave even said they were the 'best cookies' he's ever had!! so try them-- and make the frosting too.

Then I had a little bit of pumpkin left and Veda was about to have her half birthday. So I looked all over Pinterest for a pumpkin cake recipe and found THIS one.


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

YUM! i think i will try those pumpkin waffles for conference breakfast!!! they sound really yummy!!!! tis the season for pumpkin dishes....almost!!! YAY! :)

Mom said...

sounds like too much work! I might try those recipes though. Ahh, Fall foods and decorations are coming!