Sunday, September 04, 2011


This morning before church i asked dave if it was cool or dorky that Quinn, me, and Veda were all wearing home-made clothes. He said "cool." He's sweet.

And let me ask you-- when's the best time to make your little girl some summer dresses?? In the fall, I tell you!! Quinn has out grown a bunch of her church dresses-- and the only kind that i know how to make are 'summer'- type. So that's what she gets. She'll just wear an undershirt or a sweater when it gets chilly. Until I learn how to make a dress with sleeves....
and the girl would NOT cooperate for a picture, and these are the best i got. I made her this one, plus a blue one that's the same style. I'll take a picture another time.
I made my skirt-- from THIS tutorial. I was asked to teach the young women in my ward how to make a skirt-- and this is the one the leaders chose for me to teach. We'll see how it goes. This was the one I made for me as an example.
thank goodness that hendrix had ALL store bought clothes on for church. (although in this picture he's wearing the backpack i made him... geesh. I'm bordering on dorky.) :)
and Veda is wearing the dress that I refashioned from one of my old shirts.
Hope you all have a Happy Labor Day!!!!!


Shawn AND Chelsey said...

i seriously LOVE your skirt! it is SO cute!!! and i don't think it is dorky at all that you are so crafty! i am totally jealous of you!

Shane and Amy Jo said...

I love your amazingly awesome dorky-ness!!! Since it's not dorky at all!!! You are cool and talented 100%. Love the skirt.

The Thomsons said...

Cool. Now, if you were to make all 3 of you matching-floral-print dresses with matching scripture covers, then we might need to intervene....;)

Mom said...

I'd say you are super cool to make such wonderful items! We can have a sleeve lesson when I come over and make Quinn a dress with sleeves. I LOVE that skirt!

Julie said...

You're always cool Am! :)