Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amberfest memories

Want to take a trip down memory lane??

Since Amberfest starts tomorrow, I thought I would reminisce. Feel free to join me at looking at all the Amberfest celebrations since this blog started. Or if you're busy, just look at a couple.
Amberfest 2006 (wow!! I was so young!! And little Quinn was still in my belly)
Amberbest 2007
Amberfest 2008

(There are posts every day this year-- by Dave, here are just a few)
2009 part 1
part 2
part 6
Best part of Amfest 2009 (feel free to cry when you watch this. Dave's the best)

Amberfest 2010 (I remember REALLY wanting to find out if Veda was a girl or a boy on my birthday last year... funny to remember that)

And yes-- my mom is usually here on or around my birthday. How lucky am I?!! I have a pretty great mom. She was supposed to get here today, but had to change her flight to Friday-- but then found out that my brother was going to be home next week. So she moved her flight again. So she'll be here on my birthday... and we'll celebrate after she gets here. With LOTS AND LOTS OF CAKE!!!! :)

(spell-check keeps telling me that "Amberfest" is NOT a word. huh?)


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Oh man, I just cried like a baby watching that sweet video Dave made you. Happy Amberfest!!!

Lindsay said...

haha, you're so funny. i love this. Dave is so awesome to keep amberfest alive. what a lucky girl you are!!!!

kelsey said...

I totally cuffed my pants up the other day at the park and thought of you and how much I miss your cuffed pants! And all the other great things about you of course, like eating brownies together. That video made me cry the first time, and this time.

Shawn AND Chelsey said...

awww! i LOVED the walk down memory lane! :-)
Happy Amberfest!!

Mom said...

How could spellcheck possibly NOT know about Amberfest? That video caused me to look for a kleenex. Wish I was there eating brownies with you to kick off Amberfest. (And ruining my weight watcher points!

Lindsey said...

How did Amberfest get started? Is that something you did with your family growing up? I'm glad that everyone keeps the tradition going. You are awesome and you deserve a week of feeling special.

Chelsea and Shane said...

YAY for Amberfest... I hope you are enjoying yourself. You are one amazing MAMA that deserves everything that Amberfest has to offer!!!